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Buchanan Promise

I hope your senior year is going well! Here is information on the timeline to determine Buchanan Promise eligibility. Every student should submit an online application in Kaleidoscope, our online application provider, when it opens later this school year but before it closes on 6-30-2022. We will share your application information with Buchanan Community Schools to confirm your enrollment data (residency, grade level entry and any separations). At that point we will be able to determine what level of eligibility, if any, you qualify for. After the Board of Education meets next May to certify students for graduation, we will mail you our eligibility letter that will provide your funding level and tell you what your next step is. For those students receiving a denial letter, we will include our appeal form in that mailing (remember, school of choice is not an appealable reason). At that time approved students will need to sign and upload a Buchanan Promise acceptance form to their online Kaleidoscope account checking the box stating you are either deferring your award (you have six years to use it) or using it in the fall of 2022.

Please consider applying to other Michigan Gateway Community Foundation scholarships offered to Buchanan High School students. The online application will open in January and will be found on our website Click on the “Scholarships” tab and you will see the link to the “2022 Online Scholarship Application”. That application will only be open until mid March and requires you upload your transcript and two letters of recommendations so start working on gathering those now!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I can be reached at or by calling the office at 269-695-3521. You should also follow the Buchanan Promise Facebook page. Go Bucks!

Jayne Lamb, Program Coordinator

REMINDER - The online Buchanan Promise scholarship application opens for 2022 Seniors on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Seniors will be able to access the online application through the Buchanan Promise website by clicking on the highlighted scholarship link “2022 GRADS APPLY HERE” when it goes live. They will be sent to the application which is managed by Kaleidoscope, our online scholarship provider. Jayne Lamb, the Buchanan Promise Coordinator, will be attending senior English classes tomorrow to demonstrate how to apply and to get seniors registered that day. When she is not in senior English classes she will be in the counselor’s office available to answer any Promise questions. The online application is easy and should take less than five minutes to complete. PLEASE NOTE: #1 The application is for 2022 BCS Seniors ONLY. All other students need to wait until their senior year before applying. #2 Seniors must us a non-school email to apply. Do NOT use the BHS email as it is for high school communications only. #3 We ask for parent contact information so make sure your student has your cell number and email written down so they can complete that section (not required, but highly suggested). Feel free to call Michigan Gateway Community Foundation – Home of the Buchanan Promise – at 269-695-3521 with any questions.

Michigan Gateway Community Foundation Scholarship

The Community Foundation is privileged to administer scholarship funds on behalf of the communities we serve.

The Community Foundation accepts Scholarship Funds that are able to accomplish three goals:

  1. To qualify as a charitable activity so as not to jeopardize the tax-exempt status of the Community Foundation;

  2. To provide donors to scholarship funds with an income tax deduction; and

  3. To provided income to scholarship recipients that is non-taxable.

An application is available for students nearing graduation in our area schools. To be eligible for a Michigan Gateway Community Foundation Scholarship, applicants must use the Online application form.


You need to fill out this form if you want Financial Aid or Scholarships for college. Contact the guidance office for more details.

Visit to obtain your pin numbers.


2022 Paying For College Night - FAFSA Help --

FSAID's must be created in advance at FSAID.ED.GOV. Both the student and parent must have separate FSAID's Students do not have to be present to access the FAFSA application.


Start by filling out the Parchment Request Form. Click on the picture to the right for further information. If you have questions, stop by the guidance office.


You should continue to use Parchment for all transcript requests including your final transcript to the college you will be attending. All transcript requests must be done through Parchment for processing.