Many local Buchanan churches put on a special church service for the graduating class.  This is when the graduates are blessed.  This is NOT required nor mandatory; however, your community is putting it on for you, you should go.  Plus, it is another opportunity to wear your cap and gown.  This is a community event.  All may attend.


When: Sunday, May 19th @ 2 p.m.

Honors Convocation

This is a special ceremony.  This is when scholarships and awards are granted and acknowledged.  The Top Ten, Salutatorian, and Valedictorian are announced.  This service is also NOT required or mandatory; however, if you received an invitation from the guidance office, that means you have won something.  You should be present to receive it.  Again, this is an opportunity to wear your cap and gown.  All may attend.

When:  Sunday, May 19th @ 4:30 pm

Where:  HS Auditorium


Thursday, May 23rd @ 7 p.m.

Football Stadium --> weather permitting

Competition Gym --> inclement weather

Graduation Speech

Would You Like to Speak at Graduation?

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Auditions will be after school on May 2nd.